How Content Creation Tools Differ From Design Tools

As social media platforms and channels continue to strain marketing teams with customer and user demand, a tool that allows you to quickly and consistently diversify brands messaging is critical.

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How Content Creation Tools Differ From Design Tools

There’s a lot of discussion in the marketing industry about the future of content creation. However, the term “content” has become a catch-all term that can be confusing to companies working with advertisers and marketers. For some, content creation means static content, such as Instagram paid posts, banners, infographics, website layouts, etc. From Canva to Crello, there are numerous online design tools that are available for a low cost or for free. For small businesses and entrepreneurs, these tools are ideal because they provide easy to use templates that are made widely available to their users. 

However, a graphic design tool is not a content creation tool.
If you are a mid-tier to big enterprise business, you most likely already have logos, fonts, and graphics that you want to incorporate in your videos and animations. And if you don’t you will need to work with a skilled team to develop those visual languages.

Tumplate works with clients who have a range of marketing needs to create custom packages that they can use to upload their original content and branding to then produce and expedite across their digital and even DOOH channels. Using a content creation tool like Tumplate allows your teams to be more productive and, if you need our top services, have access to our team of experts in content messaging as well. 

Content Creator Tools Allow You to Do More, Faster

When creating content, you should be able to focus on the message and not on the design.
Design tools allow for endless customization but are ultimately a limited versions of professional tools that are used by creative teams everywhere. Both are time consuming and design oriented approaches. With custom-built branding tools like Tumplate’s, it takes only a matter of minutes to produce diversified content. In other words, you could spend hours designing your next post or collaborate with an outside team when you could efficiently and simply create multiple versions of similar message that can scale across all your digital media.

Content Creation Tools Allow You to Streamline Content Production

The content production process can be disorganized, sometimes even undermining its goals. Now more than ever, there is a need for cross-functional marketing teams to be able to produce and scale diversified content. Many online design tools allow you to publish your content easily, but few are pre-customized like Tumplate’s interface. Too much customization can lead to inconsistent visual languages, corporate branding, and overall messaging. When you want to publish consistent content quickly, you need more advanced features, not options.

As social media platforms and channels continue to strain marketing teams with customer and user demand, a tool that allows you to quickly and consistently diversify brands messaging is critical. This means that even advertising firms need content creation tools for major branding campaigns because savvy customers are expecting high-quality content at a high volume. (Also Advertising firms utilize a smiliar approach to content and campaigns, where they re-use established elements, like logo animations, accross different campaigns and messages) 

Design Tools Are Entrepreneurial, Content Creation Tools are Scalable

Finally, the biggest difference between online design tools like Canva and more sophisticated content creation tools is the user. Many entrepreneurs and small businesses use free and low-cost design tools to grow their audiences and engagement, while content creation tools are used by enterprise teams to scale their reach and conversion. 

When you already have a brand kit, you need to be focusing on how to increase engagement with your audience, not customizing fonts and colors on the content you’ve created. 

Ultimately, video content creation tools are ideal for businesses who want to create as many opportunities for conversion across their digital channels. When you have better tools, you can create better content. And that is a win for both you and your customers. 

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