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Which Content Marketing Problems Do You Want to Solve With Tumplate?

Identifying marketing bottlenecks is the key to optimizing your efforts and for getting a better return on your marketing budget. Identifying the right solutions can be a really tricky part too. We want to make it extremely easy for you to choose Tumplate, so here are 17 problems Tumplate solves.

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16 Tips How To Come Up With Marketing Content Ideas ‍That Perform

Make sure the content you publish delivers a purpose and drives your business goals. Read how to never run out of great marketing content ideas.

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Company News

New: Tumplate Has a Podcast!

Tumplate launched a content marketing podcast on Spotify.

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Brand Consistency Is More Important Than You Think

Want to grow your revenue? You might need to look at your brand.

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15 Minutes To Create 25 Post Ideas - How Create an Easy Content Marketing Idea Matrix

How to come up with blog post ideas fast and consistently? Here is a simple content marketing matrix that helps you to come up blog post or social media post topics fast - even when you are not feeling your most creative. Creative work like thinking engaging blog post topics or writing content can take a toll on you, so here is a quick way to get a lot of work done using AI.

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Audio Content Is More Relevant Than Ever

Podcasting is one of the most effective marketing tools to establish yourself as an expert, spread your message, inspire others, and promote your business.

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How real estate agents can create branded visual content and videos with Tumplate?

Workbench Tutorial: How real estate agents can create branded visual content and videos with Tumplate?

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4 Reasons Why Your Social Media Content Is Not Working (And How To Fix It)

Not getting the results you want from social media? Learn about four most common social media mistakes and how to fix them.

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Marketing Guide

Pinterest Marketing Best Practices

The biggest mistake marketers get wrong about Pinterest is that they treat it just like another social media platform. Think Pinterest as a visual shopping channel, and you will get much better marketing results.

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