Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Tumplate?

Tumplate is a online platform developed for corporate and community messaging. Our clients can quickly and cost-effectively create brand messaging content for social media channels. We come from Finland and have our teams both there and in Los Angeles, California

What channels are compatible with Tumplate?

The content produced on Tumplate is designed to be widely shared to communications and marketing channels. Any completed content can be exported to all most commonly used file formats.
Tumplate is suitable for all video content and social media channels.

Are there limits on the amount of exports?

Tumplate does not limit the amount of messaging content created on our platform. You can produce an unlimited amount of videos, images, or html5-banners.

What aspect ratios does Tumplate support?

Tumplate supports all aspect ratios. Even specialty banner sizes and rarely seen aspect ratios are also possible on Tumplate.

Does Tumplate support video formats?

Yes. Content on Tumplate is primarily produced by combining text, images, and animation. Therefore Tumplate supports all of the major picture, video, and audio file formats.