House of Intuition
"Tumplate makes it possible to produce high-quality brand video content for our whole user team."

House of Intuition

House of Intuition is Los Angeles-based spiritual and wellness brand lead by founders Alex and Marlene. House of Intuition is much more than a retail chain - it’s a thriving community for personal development and spiritual transformation. Their expanding line of magic candles and beauty products, a growing online shop, and workshops offered by spiritual teachers change lives and affect people in a positive way.


Engaging with their active community and promoting their expanding line of products was a big challenge for a small B2C brand trying to grow it’s online store. Paid advertising wasn’t cutting it as their audience needed real and organic engagement.


Enabling small team to communicate more effectively is the foundation of Tumplate. We worked with their designers to create a line of dynamic templates that were able to not just promote, but engage and communicate with their active audience while keeping their distinct brand look consistent across all their channels.


We created custom Enterprise solutions for House of Intuition to significantly increase their content production volume and make the workflow faster. During black friday of 2019 HoI team was able to create over 120 individual animated posts on social media channels. That campaign alone resulted in 120% increase in sales over the previous year. Since then, Tumplate is now integrated with their catalog, allowing them to automatically create product updates and content to their online store.

Tumplate allowed us to engage our audience like never before, making an instant impact on our online sales – growing them a whopping 8x year over year with no paid advertising!


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