"Tumplate makes it possible to produce high-quality brand video content for our whole user team."


Kalevala Jewelry is a loved domestic jewelry house that has a long history. It employs a significant part of Finnish goldsmiths and jewelry professionals. The most important values of Kalevala Jewelry are domestic and environmentally friendly manufacturing and charity work- especially supporting women and children.


Kalevala's marketing team felt that the production of moving content felt stiff and forced. It wasn't possible to produce moving content as Adhoc, but the materials had to be ordered from partners.


Kalevala had a clear need, to which Tumplate answered perfectly. We created two fully customized Tumplate-layouts for the marketing team to use. The first layout was designed around the frame graphics shown in the example.


With Tumplate, it is easy to change the shape and size of the frames and the texts and pictures. The second layout is meant for showcasing the customer experience. Now the team of Kalevala can make different versions by changing the aspect ratios and lengths from the materials given. Kalevala uses Tumplate monthly and posts materials on social media, newsletters, and DOOH-advertising.

"The use of Tumplate enables us the version of moving content faster than before and makes it more agile. We use Tumplate, all from the videos of tactical messages to creating brand content. The use of Tumplate has been very intuitive and easy, and we have been very satisfied with it. Tumplate makes it possible to produce high-quality brand video content for our whole user team. Tumplate has also been improving its service continually, and we have been able to take on changes as we go on."


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