"Tumplate ensures that the brand image stays streamlined and consistent."


Kiinteistömaailma is the largest realtor chain in Finland. They have over six hundred realtors all over Finland and offer their services in Baltic countries. Kiinteistömaailma wants their brand to represent them as a professional and reliable forerunner in the industry.


Kiinteistömaailma found it challenging to keep their brand intact between fast-developing digital marketing channels and hundreds of independent realtors. Producing enough materials for all channels also took too much time and resources from sales. The main goal of Kiinteistömaailma was to unify content production among agents, allowing them to focus on their core business. In addition to the brand's visual look, the content should also support the core messages and critical content.


Tumplate's team designed four different Tumplate themes based on the customer's brand, needs, and marketing goals. We focused primarily on ease of use so that everyone can produce content regardless of their level of editing skills. During the onboarding, every real estate agent got a chance to participate in group training sessions, and we had separate Q/A sessions a few weeks after they started using Tumplate. We also provide ongoing user support to all real estate agents and train possible new users as they come.


Tumplate's brand templates have been created to ensure the brand cohesiveness in all materials, and effectively support content production to all social media and digital marketing channels. As a result, 120 real estate agents were effortlessly onboarded to use Tumplate and can now focus on their own core business, while producing more marketing content.

“Tumplate is used by all of the real estate agents and office location in the Kiinteistömaailma chain for creating dynamic marketing content locally, both for social media, and for digital displays on our office windows. Tumplate templates for Kiinteistömaailma were made together with our graphic designers to ensure that the brand image stays streamlined and consistent, even though each post is different. The agents, brokers, and properties featured in the ten-second-to-half-minute videos are each unique, but Tumplate helps you to identify which team the real estate agent belongs to.”

– Taina Mustamo, Head of Marketing and Communications at Kiinteistömaailma

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