"Tumplate is easy to use, and we can effortlessly create moving content."


During its nearly 400 years history, Posti has grown to be one of the most significant distribution and logistics companies of Finland, Sweden, and the Baltics. Digitalization and human behavior have significantly changed the postal industry. Finnish Postal organization had to create new ways to operate when countering these more significant changes.


Posti's public relations, social media, and communications teams realized the need to utilize moving content to grow attention value. The challenge, however, was the limited team recourses. Producing traditional moving content would be too time-consuming alongside their other daily tasks. They didn't have a chance to create moving content in-house or reactively enough


Tumplate's team worked together with Posti's Art Director and communications team to create Tumplate's that meet their needs of versatile reactive moving content.


Posti has ten Tumplate users and two team accounts that help manage materials and team workflow. They use Tumplate on all of their social media channels and internal screens.

"We use the Tumplate-tool diversly for internal and external communication on social media channels, intranet, and info screens. We could not be happier with the tool. Tumplate is easy to use, and we can effortlessly create moving content to invigorate our message."

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