"As a creative
I’m always looking
for ways to bridge that gap between
idea and execution.
Being able to
do that for our
clients is nothing short of amazing."

Hannu Aukia | Co-Founder of Tumplate
Tumplate founder, director Hannu Aukia

The story of tumplate

Tumplate came to be in 2018, when Jaakko and Hannu worked at their production company, No-Office in Los Angeles. They saw the growing need for quick marketing communications, especially in social media. Effective versioning, large volumes and reactive messaging are essential in marketing today.

They began developing a platform which would allow the users to create moving content in an entirely new way. It was all based on brand loyal, effective and seamless content production.

A platform that includes everything you need and nothing you don't, was born. It provides an opportunity to focus only on the end result and the true substance of your message. Tumplate combines a strong Finnish tech knowledge with the American “dream big”- thinking.

It is cost-effective, simple to navigate and genuinely caters to the needs of your business - without forgetting the brand image. You will enjoy the full support of our knowledgeable and creative Tumplate team.
So take the leap and join us!

Founders of Tumlate, Jaakko Manninen (left) and Hannu Aukia


Tumplate provides a platform that is customized just for your specific needs,
whether you are a flying solo or representing a large team.

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