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Why we created Tumplate

Why we created Tumplate and 5 ways of how Tumplate can help you and your team to scale and focus your messaging.

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5 reasons why we created Tumplate

The team behind Tumplate (hi all!) first came together and formed an award winning production company No-Office. What we wanted to do with Tumplate is to create a tool that would actually free us from creating the different versions of content our clients needed, and instead let them do the versioning themselves. We're artists, after all! 

Whether you are an advertising and marketing expert or company that is looking to scale their brand with a diversified content strategy, you know that the cost to do so is expensive. Versioning is, after all, the place where production teams find their markups. And even the biggest advertising budget isn’t always the most effective because Facebook ads, Google ads, and other online platforms and search engines use auctions (i.e. algorithms) to buy and sell advertising.

So from us wanting to focus on the creative side we also managed to create a solution that allows your team to create high volume content that maintains the level of quality your customers expect from your brand. With consistent feel of your brand merged with diversified content at high volume you can increase engagement across your channels and platforms. 

Here are 5 ways Tumplate’s content creator can help you scale for less:

  1. You Can Create Relveant Content Fast

Adults spend nearly half of their waking hours consuming media content. This means that the average person is expecting value--information, education, or entertainment--from the content they watch. The tools in Tumplate allow you to upload your branding, logos, and other pre-designed messaging, then customize them with your video or animations. Instead of spending hours tweaking templates in a design tool, you can quickly and easily customize your content and publish.

  1. It Offers Streamlined Options to Help You Be Strategic

The formatting in Tumplate allows you to quickly pivot your marketing. The tool allows you to iterate on your video and messaging, so you can spend more time thinking about marketing strategy and performance than hex codes and layers. Campaigns that used to take days or even weeks, can now be created, changed, and re-imagined in minutes.

  1. It is Customizable With Your Existing Branding

Unlike  other content creation tools, Tumplate is centered on messaging and not design. We bring your unique branding and visual language to the platform. This means that your logos, colors, fonts, and more are the custom-built for the content you are creating. Having your unique branding at your fingertips means that you can focus on the quality of the content, not the design. It also means that you can create a higher volume of content for a fraction of the cost and the time.

  1. It Bridges The Content Gap for Advertising Firms and Corporate Marketing Teams

A major gap in the advertising and marketing industry is the time it takes for external teams to collaborate with in-house corporate teams on marketing campaigns. With Tumplate, firms can more quickly expedite content to their clients and large corporations can also more easily make this content on their own. The red tape around approvals means there’s significant lag in time-to-market for many promotional content pieces. But what if once the content was approved, it could be branded and uploaded in minutes? Tumplate offers this functionality to make it practically effortless to promote your content across all digital channels once it's ready.

By allowing for faster, more reliable content creation, teams can spend less time producing social media promotional videos and spend more time on bigger projects and initiatives. 

  1. You Can Connect With a Dedicated Team to Help Your Campaign Scale

What if you are a mid-tier company looking to create unique branding but cannot afford the price tag of a major advertising firm? Tumplate as a service is a great option because our team will help you envision, design, and develop your brand kit with consistent brand message that you can then use to make hundreds of videos and animations. This service is a great alternative to hiring a design firm to create your on-brand visuals with the latest campaign message. Tumplate’s design and social media experts can work with your team to do both, saving you time, money, and complexity. 

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